Will Spelling Errors Affect Your SEO?

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Will Spelling Errors Affect Your SEO?

The main issue with spelling errors tends to be that it ultimately affects user behavior like session time, bounce rates or click through rates (pages per session). When people land on a site with multiple errors, it tends to be perceived as untrustworthy or potentially malicious. When bounce rates are high and on page time is low, Google will notice and eventually drop a site lower in the rankings.

So yes, although having a word misspelled here and there won’t keep you from showing up in the search results, it can be potentially hazardous to let misspellings build up on your site. And if too many disastrous grammatical issues are on your site for long enough, you can run the risk of being perceived as a spam site by website crawlers.

Comments with spelling errors

One big question that comes up among do-it-yourself bloggers or webmasters is the quality of comments posted on their site. Having comments on your posts is a good thing and shows that your site contains high-quality content others are interacting with. But people tend to wonder if they should approve comments that are full of spelling or grammatical errors. According to Matt Cutts at Google, as long as your own site content is of good quality, you will not suffer any consequences from errors in comments that others post. A situation in which this issue could come back to haunt you would be if the comment not only has errors, but comes from an IP or user that is associated with spam, and includes spammy links in the comment.

Note: Many CMS or blog management platforms allow a person to open a comment in an editable text field before approving. Although it is unethical to change a comment to something a person did not say, this does provide you with the opportunity to quickly fix any of their spelling mistakes before the comment goes live on your site.

How to catch spelling and grammar errors on your site

Your first line of defense is always going to be your CMS. The problem is that they all function a little differently. One tip with WordPress, for example, is to write or paste your content in the editing (Visual) field. But before you publish your post or page, save it, close it, and then re-open it. This can sometimes cause that super helpful squiggly red line to show up under more words than when you were first working on the page.

The next tip that has been known to save a great many of online content developers is to use Word. Cutting and pasting into Word not only catches certain things that CMS editors often miss, like duplicate words (ex: The the lazy fox), it can also catch spelling errors in the alt text if you are selecting all of the content on the page…pictures included.

Check your website for spelling errors with online tools

One of the easier website spell checkers can be found here – http://tools.seochat.com/tools/free-spell-checker/ – this is what you do…

Step 1 – Adjust the settings to scan multiple pages, then enter your domain and hit Enter
Use Online Spell Checker

Step 2 – The Online Spell Checker will display your URLs, the number of words associated with each URL, and the number of potential spelling errors on the page. The far right will display the commonly misspelled words found on your site. For a more accurate scan, review these and then go back and add them to the “Omit these words” box if necessary. This can be helpful with purposefully misspelled business words and names. For details on the spelling errors found, click on the number in the Possible Misspelling column.
Locate Spelling Errors Online

Step 3 – The text for the page in question will be displayed in mass. Although it can be difficult to identify the exact placement of the misspelled word if there is a lot of text on the page, it does give you a target to look for. If you are logged in to your CMS, just click on the URL for the page and start editing.
Fix Spelling Errors For Better SEO

Since different SEO tech providers offer similar services, my recommendation is to look at a few before entering your URL and hitting the “Scan Now” button. It is also recommended that you do a search each time you need it. That way you can tell if a new service is available. To start, try “scan website for spelling errors free“, or “check my site for spelling errors“.


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