Update Old Posts for SEO Improvements

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Update Old Posts

Update Old Posts for SEO Improvements

Update old blog posts with new info & increase your ranking

Now that we are past the days of quantity, and have entered the realm of quality, there are a ton of ways you can review your sites content for SEO/SEM enhancements. One of the best tactics, in my opinion, is the “Skyscraper”, “Treetop”, “One-up” method. This simply means, that whatever you, or your competitor did in the past, you can improve upon now. For example; if you have an old blog article, “Five best dry food options for dogs”, perhaps it’s time you updated it to “Ten best dry food options for dogs.”

Create new articles based on current search results

Similarly, this is a good tactic for getting exposure with new articles. If your competitor is ranking well with an article/post that is dated, try creating a similar article with newer links, quotes, relevancy or whatever else you can do to make it current or better. If a competitor’s old article or topic is still ranking well, it’s either A) the best source of information for the topic, B) information on a legacy site, or C) the only information available. Since the later two are usually the case, if you create a visually enticing page with links to resources and current information on a topic, you will most likely see notable gains in both rankings. and new business, over time. Tip – for article/topic ideas, do a search for your industry category + “blog”.

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