Two Types of Landing Pages Your Website Needs

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Two Types of Landing Pages Your Website Needs

Industry-Targeted Landing Pages

If your business sells a product or service that can be, or is being, used by multiple industries or markets, it’s time to use that to your advantage online. By targeting different customers with content development that speaks directly to their needs on individual web pages, you’ll increase your chances of being able to convert them to new clients or customers. For example, if you sell notepads that are currently being used by dentists and accountants, create a landing page to target the keyword/phrase “Notepads for dentists” or “Notepads for the Accounting Industry”. Although you have an all-encompassing page on your website explaining your products/services, you may start to rank higher for long-key/phrase searches (multi-word searches) that potential clients/prospects are using to find your type of products or services.

Similarly, if you are looking to target new markets, add a landing page for them. Using the previous example, if you already have business from dentists and accountants, but want to break into the legal market, add a landing page. “Notepads for legal professionals,” or “Writing supplies for lawyers”, can improve your exposure and help you break into a new market.

Location Specific Landing PagesTargeted Landing Pages

Landing pages that speak directly to a geographically targeted market can help increase your exposure in local search results. If you have a pizza shop in Detroit, you obviously aren’t going to show up in searches for pizza in Tacoma, WA. But by using landing pages to target surrounding areas, you may be able to increase ranking and exposure. Tacoma, for example, has nearby incorporated and unincorporated areas like Lakewood and Fircrest. Creating location specific landing pages (ex: “Pizza delivery in Lakewood, WA” or “Pizza delivered to Fircrest, WA”) with content attesting to your service in those regions, increases your chances of a “Tacoma” based pizza shop being found throughout the region in search results.

Additional Tips for Targeting Specific Regions

One of the fasted ways you can gain online credibility in a local region, is by adding your Google Maps to a website. This helps make sure your Google Business, Locations, + or whatever else they come up with, is linked to your business. In addition, if you add a post to your Google+ Business page, with a link to something like a new blog post or new service page, it will be instantly crawled and added to your Google profile for when your business is displayed in search results (seen on the right of a results page with your Google business profile).

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