Tips for Writing a PR Friendly Blog Article

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Tips for Writing a PR Friendly Blog Article

In case you haven’t started to notice, online press release distribution is going the way of the dinosaurs. It basically follows the notion of other paid SEO tactics…in that it unfairly gives big budget companies the ability to turn out uninteresting releases in bulk, in an effort to build links and gain exposure online. Not only are news outlets not interested in reading online releases anymore, so are search engines which increasingly regard them as moot. But you still might have some great, newsworthy content, and people still might be interested in reading about it. Lucky for you, blogs are increasingly being used as a launching point for newsworthy content.

I’ll cover some of the keys to distribution in future articles, but for now, here are some tips for creating a blog article that can double as a press release in hopes of getting your business some additional exposure online. This is something that anyone can do with little or no risk, since you have control of the content. So let’s get started.

Step 1 – Organize your information in a hierarchy of importance

The who, what, when, where and why (the five Ws) should all (or at least 4 out of 5) be addressed in the first few paragraphs of your post. This follows the recommended guidelines for developing a good press release. Providing your reader with the most important facts early on will lure them into reading the rest of the article.

Step 2 – Quote a reputable source

This step is surprisingly hard for some people, but if you know the right questions to ask, you can often get some powerful content to include from people that are within shouting distance of you. CEOs, managers or an informed employee all might be able to comment on your topic of interest and provide you with a good quote to include. If possible, address or support some of your five Ws with a quote that explains why something is happening. A good example of this would be to quote a CEO that is explaining how a business change will benefit clients.

Step 3 – Include or obtain a relevant statistic or fact

Backup your article with some factual information obtained by either yourself or a third party. If your business is making a change based on an analysis of trends or business patterns that you have noticed, explain that to the reader. This will reinforce your content as being a source of reputable information and help get your reader behind what it is you’re trying to say.

Step 4 – Finish strong with projections or estimates

A great way to wrap up your article is to explain the result or intended outcome of your topic. If you’re explaining a newsworthy topic to a reader, tell them what they should expect to see in the future. Ex: “ABC Corp is looking forward to this transition, and believes that clients will begin seeing an immediate improvement to the level of service they are receiving.” You are once again reinforcing your five Ws and providing a positive spin to your newsworthy blog article.

Once you’ve written a blog article with the notion of using it as a press release, make use of any social media outlets you might be utilizing to help promote it. You should also include it on newsletters, emails or any other outlets you have available.

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