How To Analyze Keywords On Your Site

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How To Analyze Keywords On Your Site

Wondering what keywords you’re currently targeting or optimized for? Here are two free places where you can quickly get an overview of your keywords, how often they appear, and their density as a percentage.

Once you have analyzed your keywords, you can increase use of the ones you would like to target on a webpage or post. This is especially helpful for two, three or four word search terms that you may be looking to see SEO improvements with. For example, if you are attempting to rank better for “automotive services” or “domestic automotive services”, review the places where you can adjust your text to include these keywords. Using this example, it may be possible to alter some instances of “automotive” or “services” to include the full keyword strings you are targeting. This will improve the density of your two and three word search strings, which may help bump you up on search results.

How to search a webpage for a word or a phrase

If you’re attempting to find one specific word or phrase on a page or post, here’s a little trick to do it quickly. When using any of the common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE), hitting Ctrl + F (while holding the Ctrl button, hit the letter “F”) will bring up a search or find field. This can sometimes be hard to see at first, especially on a site that has a cluster of content. And depending on the browser you’re using it may obscurely appear in an upper or lower corner of the browser. After using the Ctrl + F shortcut, look for the following:

In Chrome – look in upper right
ctr+f in Chrome



In Firefox – look in bottom left
ctr+f in Firefox



In IE – look in upper left
ctrl+f in Internet Explorer



Once you have typed your word or phrase, hit Enter. This handy browser tool will show you how many times your keyword or phrase shows up, and let you scroll through to see all occurrences.

Check the keywords in your source code for a more thorough analysis

View Page SourceSometimes when checking a page for keywords, you can get a better picture by looking at the source code. Although looking at the code might sound a bit advanced for a do-it-yourself web manager, it’s not terribly difficult. The reason it can be beneficial, is because it can show some of the stuff that keyword analyzers often miss, like meta-data or alt-tags for images. To do this, simple right click on a webpage, and select “View page source”. A browser tab containing your pages html code should appear.

Next, simply follow the Ctrl + F directions above to search for a keyword or string.
Search Code for Keywords

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