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Beginners Guide To Image Alt Text

Learn the alt text basics and find out how it can be used to improve your SEO

What is alt text and what does it look like?

Image alt text is an HTML attribute associated with a web-based image that offers alternative text information about the image in the event it cannot be displayed.

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Keyword Cloud

How To Analyze Keywords On Your Site

Wondering what keywords you’re currently targeting or optimized for? Here are two free places where you can quickly get an overview of your keywords, how often they appear, and their density as a percentage.

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Check Your Site For Broken Links

Checking your website for broken links is an important part of managing and maintaining a website or blog. Not only does keeping links accurate and up-to-date ensure that your site is functional and usable for visitors, it can also give you an SEO edge over competitors who have let their site go.

Here’s how to identify broken links on your own

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