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Writing website content

How to write great copy – 5 steps to developing content for your website.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be a professional writer to add great content to your website these days. And you don’t need to worry about marketing strategies or SEO tactics either. All you need to do is have something helpful or interesting that you would like to provide your audience or market. Assuming you’ve already decided upon a topic, here are 5 steps to write copy and develop content for your website.

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Bad Speller

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Update Old Posts

Update Old Posts for SEO Improvements

Update old blog posts with new info & increase your ranking

Now that we are past the days of quantity, and have entered the realm of quality, there are a ton of ways you can review your sites content for SEO/SEM enhancements.

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Posting Press Release

Tips for Writing a PR Friendly Blog Article

In case you haven’t started to notice, online press release distribution is going the way of the dinosaurs. It basically follows the notion of other paid SEO tactics…in that it unfairly gives big budget companies the ability to turn out uninteresting releases in bulk, in an effort to build links and gain exposure online. Not only are news outlets not interested in reading online releases anymore, so are search engines which increasingly regard them as moot. But you still might have some great, newsworthy content, and people still might be interested in reading about it. Lucky for you, blogs are increasingly being used as a launching point for newsworthy content.

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